The Grundotugger pipe bursting system from TT Technologies provides the portability you want and the power you need to burst and replace service laterals, up to 150 feet and more, quickly and easily. This lightweight system (no component over 70lbs.) includes everything you need for bursting operations: bursting heads for 4 and 6-inch pipe, winch cable, power pack and pipe fusion equipment.

Milwaukee Sewer Repair & Sewer Replacement Process

Badger Underground’s sewer repair process utilizes the most efficient techniques and equipment expediting your Milwaukee sewer repair or sewer replacement needs in a cost-effective, timely fashion.  We provide the best Milwaukee sewer repair solutions for your specific situation, whether it’s a water main break, pipe bursting, or tree roots in the sewer line.  We offer Milwaukee sewer repair services for sanitary and storm sewers, parking lot catch basins, and sump crocks.  Badger Underground is your best choice for comprehensive Milwaukee sewer maintenance service, from utilizing the latest pipe bursting and water main break detection equipment to the final inspection walkthrough.  Our unique Milwaukee sewer repair process is the most thorough in the business.

Badger Underground’s Milwaukee Sewer Replacement and Sewer Repair Process

  • Badger Underground’s Milwaukee sewer maintenance experts arrive to mark underground electricity, cable, phone, and gas lines ensuring excavation safety.  Necessary city permits are acquired.
  • Badger Underground’s Milwaukee sewer repair crew utilizes a sewer camera and pipe burst detection equipment to locate the water main break, pipe bursting, tree root intrusion, or other Milwaukee sewer repair.  Any jackhammer work –concrete busting or asphalt raising- is completed.
  • Any plants, shrubs, or flowers near the excavation point will be removed to an area designated by you.  Your Milwaukee sewer maintenance expert will determine the optimal excavating process for your situation, utilizing trenchless technology, directional boring, and horizontal drilling, if applicable, for reduced landscape damage.
  • After determining the best Milwaukee sewer repair excavation process, Badger Underground tunnels down to the necessary plumbing, staging the excavated soil on your driveway for future tunnel backfill.
  • Once our Milwaukee sewer repair team tunnels to the necessary depth for full drainage, the trench is lined with compaction sand for proper drainage pipe support.  Sewer pipe matching the existing plumbing is installed with clean outs placed every 70 feet along the sewer line reroute. 
  • Badger Underground Milwaukee sewer repair personnel makes the appropriate sewer pipe replacement or sewer line repair underground.  Necessary wall penetrations are made.
  • Once the sewer repair is complete, Badger Underground conducts a hydrostatic test is performed ensuring the newly installed drain pipe, sewer line, or water main is properly functioning.
  • Your Milwaukee sewer repair professionals take special care in backfilling tunnels and excavation points to the same condition before Badger Underground arrived.  Any wall breaks, concrete or asphalt patching is performed utilizing the proper tools for returning your property to prime condition.
  • Your Milwaukee sewer repair professional completes a walkthrough inspection with you, ensuring the concrete work areas are cleaned and ground surfaces are covered to your satisfaction.

Trenchless Sewer Repair and Sewer Replacement

Whenever possible, Badger Underground incorporates trenchless sewer repair and sewer replacement technology minimizing the need for long-ranging excavation and concrete and asphalt intrusion.  Traditional sewer line repair or sewer pipe replacement requires the digging of trenches along the full length of the damaged sewer or drain pipe.  Badger Underground’s trenchless sewer repair method reduces the labor costs and property damage associated with traditional sewer repair methods.

Trenchless sewer repair from Badger Underground involves digging a small hole close to the building and a small hole near the street.  The old sewer pipe or drain pipe is slid out one of the holes and the new sewer line is slid in.  Badger Underground’s trenchless Milwaukee sewer repair method offers the following advantages.

Advantages of trenchless Milwaukee sewer repair and sewer replacement

  • Trenchless Milwaukee sewer replacement requires less excavation, structure teardown, and concrete tear up on your property than traditional sewer repair methods.
  • Time saved on excavation, teardown, and backfilling and patching makes trenchless Milwaukee sewer repair from Badgerland Underground a more cost-effective solution to traditional sewer repair.  Your professional Milwaukee sewer repair expert from Badger Underground completes a trenchless sewer repair in a few hours, saving you additional money.

Badger Underground employs the most cost effective, cutting-edge Milwaukee sewer repair and sewer replacement processes getting your sewer fixed on time with minimal damage to your property.  Call Badger Underground today at 262.502.1220, or contact us online, to speak to Milwaukee sewer maintenance specialist to schedule a Milwaukee sewer repair or sewer replacement service.