The Grundotugger pipe bursting system from TT Technologies provides the portability you want and the power you need to burst and replace service laterals, up to 150 feet and more, quickly and easily. This lightweight system (no component over 70lbs.) includes everything you need for bursting operations: bursting heads for 4 and 6-inch pipe, winch cable, power pack and pipe fusion equipment.

About Milwaukee Sewer Repair and Sewer Replacement Experts

Milwaukee sewer repair runs deep in Jeff’s blood. The father of Badger Underground’s owner is a master plumber specializing in Milwaukee water main breaks and sewer repair. Jeff observed firsthand how a strong work ethic and commitment to customer satisfaction led to success long before he ever picked up a pipe wrench.

Jeff’s youthful observations have lead Badger Underground to maintain an A+ rating in Wisconsin’s Better Business Bureau and strong reputation on Angie’s List.  In addition to Jeff’s strong portfolio and letters of recommendation, Badger Underground’s immaculate reputation bestows customers with confidence in choosing Badger Underground for sewer repair and replacement in Milwaukee and Waukesha.

While Badger Underground has had a few notable highlights in their long history, including all-night water main break repairs in Milwaukee and Waukesha sewer line repairs made just in the nick of time before sewer replacement was inevitable, the accomplishment they pride themselves the most on is establishing enough capital to purchase the proper Milwaukee sewer repair equipment to better serve you.  Badger Underground is your best resource for a sewer repair company with the experience and equipment to fulfill all your Milwaukee sewer repair needs. While dumptrucks and excavators are essential equipment for any Milwaukee sewer repair company to own, Badger Underground provides the hundred thousand dollar directional drilling and pipe bursting equipment to cost-effectively make your Milwaukee sewer repair on time.

Badger Underground is your number one choice for Milwaukee sewer replacement and sewer repair utilizing the latest, cost-effective sewer repair equipment and excavation techniques. Call Badger Underground today at 262.502.1220, or contact us online to schedule a Milwaukee sewer maintenance service.