The Grundotugger pipe bursting system from TT Technologies provides the portability you want and the power you need to burst and replace service laterals, up to 150 feet and more, quickly and easily. This lightweight system (no component over 70lbs.) includes everything you need for bursting operations: bursting heads for 4 and 6-inch pipe, winch cable, power pack and pipe fusion equipment.

Milwaukee Sewer Maintenance with Sewer Camera and Pipe Locating Equipment

Badger Underground can save you money from potential Milwaukee sewer replacement and sewer repairs by utilizing the latest sewer maintenance technology; the sewer camera, and pipe bursting and directional drilling equipment.  Often times, a Milwaukee sewer cleaner’s cable gets stuck on a shifted sewer pipe underground, or a homeowner needs to know whether the water in the basement is resulting from a simple pipe burst or a serious water main break.  With Badger Underground’s sewer camera and pipe locating service, we can locate the problem areas, informing you the extent of sewer repair your situation requires.  From detecting and isolating minor sewer repairs to determining if full out Milwaukee sewer replacement is necessary, Badger Underground wisely invested in the innovative sewer equipment and in learning the latest techniques to provide you cost-effective, quality Milwaukee sewer maintenance and sewer repair.

Badger Underground invests in the latest Milwaukee sewer maintenance equipment saving you time and money the next time your need professional Milwaukee sewer replacement or sewer repair.  Call Badger Underground today at 262.502.1220, or contact us online, to schedule a free Milwaukee sewer repair estimate.